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Watch how to sign ‘volunteer’ in American Sign Language

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DMC recruits volunteers on an as-needed basis and often serves as a site for internships from local colleges and universities. Volunteers interested in working on the planning and coordination of special events are always a high priority.

Note that all applicants must obtain a Live Scan background check before becoming a DMC volunteer. 

For more information about volunteering at the Dayle McIntosh Center, Call us (714) 621-3300.

“Since they were first recommended to me, DMC has been a Godsend. They helped get me a new caretaker, helped me navigate the bus system, gave me a wheelchair and gave me the mobility I needed to graduate from Irvine Valley College and visit my family. They’re truly an amazing resource and an organization with which I plan to volunteer!”

Kabir – DMC Consumer


Pictured, DMC Volunteer showing up for service with a smile.

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