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Watch how to sign ‘donate’ in American Sign Language

Dayle McIntosh Center logo in the middle of a collage of pictures showing all of the ways to sponsor DMC. To the right of the logo is a hand fanning out money – U.S. currency. To the left of the logo is a business person in a grey pin-striped suit and white blouse holding a plan-to-action ruler. To the Upper left-hand corner is the hands of two people holding a donation sign with a pink background in white letters; the upper middle photo is an alarm clock on a spring day with trees and sun warming the background with stacks of change in three piles next to the clock sprouting with new plant growth; the upper right photo is of an elderly person in wheelchair wearing a blue baseball cap and blanket on their lap next to what appears to be a younger relative also wearing blue baseball cap. Both are being greeted cheerfully by another person wearing a red bandana is smiling being of service. Lower left picture is a donation hearts being dropped by an orange sweater-clad arm. Center bottom photo is of a person sitting at a table at a computer keyboard wearing a blue long-sleeve shirt. Bottom right photo is of a grey t-shirt clad person caring a cardboard box that says donations.

Sponsorship is important for the Dayle McIntosh Center.  We welcome companies to get involved, participate, give, share, and be part of our community.

Corporate Donations

Corporate donations make a big impact for the Dayle McIntosh Center!

Check presentation photo to DMC from Walmart, Anaheim.

Thank you to Walmart of Anaheim! It’s donations like yours that help us do the work we do.

Your contributions play a vital role in the growth of our nonprofit organization. They help us meet the needs of our community and consumers, while also supporting our dedicated team. We are fully committed to promoting independence and access for people with disabilities, and your support enables us to continue this important work.

We welcome the following types of donations:

Donate Cash: Image of a donate button

You can also mail a check to:

Dayle McIntosh Center
501 N. Brookhurst Street, Suite 102
Anaheim, CA 92801

PIctured, paper money with DMC's logo in the center.

  • Corporate Donation “Match Challenge”

Are you eager to make a significant impact with your donation? We offer an easy way to do that through a Corporate Donation Match Challenge. You can contribute a sum of funds and challenge your competitors or your network of business vendors, executives, and colleagues. Even as an individual, you can challenge your family, colleagues, friends, or your employer to “match” your gift to DMC!

We’re here to support you every step of the way. We can help spread the word about your generosity and the challenge you’re initiating through our social media and community outreach channels. If you’re ready to donate and discuss your challenge outreach, simply donate above and give us a call at (714) 621-3300. Let’s join forces and explore the exciting possibilities of your creative giving!

Network and circulate our flyer to help us raise funds

Did you know you can help support our fundraising efforts at DMC through your own network? It’s easy!
You can print out our flyers and share them wherever you go, as you reach out to your family, friends, co-workers, classmates, neighbors, colleagues and peers at church, through your associations, clubs and even extracurricular hobbies and places you frequent like your gym, hair salon or even your doctor’s office! You can also email the flyer and share in one blast to everyone you know.

CLICK HERE to download DMC’s flyer and start distributing it. You can make a difference! 

  • Products & Services & In-Kind Donation Items

Pictured, Person in plaid shirt holding donation box.

Does your company create products that are helpful for people with disabilities, like hearing aids, cell phones, wheelchairs, canes, or computer software that improves accessibility?

Do you have any furniture, electronics, home goods, or appliances that you would like to donate to us?

Does your company offer services that benefit people with disabilities, such as educational programs, guide dogs and training, meal donations from your restaurant, community group services, recreation programs, or services that are inclusive and cater to specific disabilities?

Do you have extra new and popular products that you can donate for our “opportunity drawing” or silent auction? Are you able to provide gift cards from your company that we can use for our fundraising events?

If so, we at DMC would love to hear from you!  Call us (714) 621-3300.

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