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IMPORTANT 2024 Update: The U.S. has seen a rise/shift in U.S. health to now involve a triple-threat of COVID + RSV+ Influenza.  As of January 8, 2024, Orange County and Los Angeles County have moved from green (low) to yellow (moderate/medium) level of hospitalizations.  Due to the rise of the newest variant JN.1, DMC is providing important information links to keep our highest at-risk community of people with disabilities and older adults educated and informed.

Learn more about the COVID + RSV + Influenza respiratory illness combination here:

Full scope respiratory illness map:

Learn about COVID JN.1 Variant here:

Learn more about all the variants monitored here:  ** Place cursor over map of California to see JN.1 Variant current percentage.

Learn more about RSV here:

2024 Updates to Testing, Vaccines and Treatments:

In 2021, Long COVID was recognized as a disability and is recognized under the protection of the Americans with Disabilities Act. There are 500,000 people living in Orange County who are disabled.  The COVID-19 pandemic grew the disability community with the number of positive cases at the end of 2023 YTD positive cases exceeding 800,344 cases in total (which continues to grow) but are not being tracked YTD in 2024, many individuals in this data are those whom now live with Long-COVID.  

For a total picture interactive map for Vaccinations, Hospitalizations CLICK HERE:

For current OC’s COVID Resources: CLICK HERE 

LEFT - DMC team member Ruth Cho stands in the hallway of the Families Together Clinic; RIGHT- DMC’s Ivan Cortez stands outside of the clinic after spending the afternoon providing support and assistance.

This number continues to grow weekly, despite several rounds of vaccinations being made available to the public. This is due to the fact people with disabilities, those with pre-existing conditions and older adults are the highest risk, as are those with underlying illnesses, those most vulnerable with recent injury/surgery recovery, immunocompromised individuals, those who have had COVID before experiencing complications and many others.  For numerous members of the community – there has to be a new way of living life due to this risk, and those who are new members of the disability community.

The Dayle McIntosh Center (DMC) is a non-profit organization that focuses on core services and serves as hub organization with many referral resources, programs, and partners. 

We believe information is power and are sharing the below vital resources available: 

Communication Resources

COVID-19 Vaccine Resources

Resources for Schools

List of COVID-19 Resources for People with Disabilities

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