Home Modification

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Life can be unpredictable, and certain events like a sudden trip, fall, or injury, or the natural process of aging, can significantly impact an individual’s daily life and independence. At the Dayle McIntosh Center (DMC), we understand the challenges that such changes can bring, and we are committed to providing comprehensive support to those in need.

One of the essential support services we offer is dedicated to Home Modification. We believe that a person’s home should be a place of comfort and safety, allowing them to continue living with as much autonomy as possible. However, when mobility or physical abilities are affected, simple tasks around the house can become challenging and potentially hazardous. Our team works closely with individuals to make necessary adjustments to their living spaces, ensuring that their homes become more accessible and functional.

Additionally, we strongly believe in the importance of fall prevention education. Falls can have severe consequences, particularly for older adults or those with mobility challenges. Therefore, we provide training and resources to help people learn practical techniques to reduce the risk of falls in their everyday lives.

Person in wheelchair wearing baseball cap/hoodie using home modification ramp for home access from front porch


To qualify for these modifications, individuals must meet the criteria of being at risk of institutionalization, having new or existing disabilities, and/or experiencing recent falls or being at risk of falling in their home. Please note that the availability of these home modifications depends on funding availability at the time of request.


Home-Modifications can include:

  • Ramps
  • Grab-bars
  • Toilet seat risers
  • Pole supports, and more!

a custom wood ramp fabrication bumper rails on the side to contain the powerchair. This allows the consumer to enter and exit his home safely. The Superpole helps the consumer to support the weight and keep balance when using the toilet

To learn more about Home Modification options tailored to your specific needs:

Please contact us at (714) 621-3300, where our team will readily direct you to the appropriate department.

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