Personal Assistant Services (PAS)

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Watch how to sign ‘personal’ in American Sign Language

Watch how to sign ‘assistant’ in American Sign Language

The purpose of the Personal Assistant Services (PAS) program is to empower individuals with disabilities and older adults by equipping them with the necessary skills, tools, and resources to connect with caregivers and essential support for their personal care and housekeeping needs.

Four individuals standing together with a consumer, smiling at the success of the Personal Assistant Services Program)

Program Eligibility

  • Individuals with disabilities and older adults, who require help with personal care, housekeeping, or other activities of daily living.
  • Both recipients of In-home Supportive Services (IHSS) benefits and persons, who have private resources for paying caregivers, are able to use the DMC PAS registry service.

For more information about the Personal Assistant Services program call 714.621.3300 or complete the online form.

PAS Attendent helping a young adult female brush her teeth.

Referral Process

Potential consumers are referred to the Personal Assistant Services program by a variety of sources such as case managers from senior centers and community-based organizations, hospital discharge planners, medical personnel, family members, friends, and others, who have used the service. Individuals may also be self-referred.

Available Services

Independent living skills will be provided in order to learn methods for recruiting, managing, and sustaining personal assistants, as well as, providing support with the eligibility criteria and application process for the In Home Support Services (IHSS) program.

Personal Assistant sitting with consumer on a sofa wearing masks, having a discussion about service needs).
A personal assistant registry is maintained for use by consumers seeking caregiver services. In order to locate individuals, who are interested in working as personal care assistants, the program coordinator advertises online and conducts community outreach activities.

PAS Attendent helping young adult female button her sweater.

Prior experience is verified through a screening process. Applicants are logged onto the DMC PAS registry for referral to consumers, who interview and choose personal assistants for themselves.

Mediation assistance is provided by the program coordinator to aid a consumer and his/her/their caregiver to address and resolve disagreements and related issues that affect their working relationship.

Services in the PAS program are monitored for 90 days or until goals in the consumer’s independent living plan have been reached or until they no longer are interested in receiving assistance through the Dayle McIntosh Center.

Program Success Story

Pictured DMC Personal Assistant Services help consumers successfully have their needs met… two people gesturing thumbs up.An older individual working with our Deaf Services IL Instructor informed us they had been without care for several months. The consumer had unfortunately fallen through the cracks in the system due to a lack of accommodation for their needs. They were left in the dark for several months, unable to connect with the caseworker or obtain any information on how to receive the care they needed. However, through the efforts of a good friend, the consumer’s brother, and our Personal Assistance Services team, we were able to step in and advocate for her rights and needs. After several hurdles and combined support, we established contact with the case worker, who could provide us with the essential information needed to proceed with the consumer’s care services.

Once we had the information needed, our team worked diligently to assist the consumer’s brother in becoming their primary caregiver. We were also able to provide them both with the necessary tools and support for registration and use of the IHSS Electronic Service Portal. This collaborative effort ensured that the consumer finally had the care they required, delivered by a trusted family member.

A middle-aged man contacted the Dayle McIntosh Center to request help with obtaining an increase in caregiver hours through the In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) program. He also asked for aid to locate a personal assistant willing to work under the IHSS program. After several months of advocacy, the PAS Coordinator was finally able to gain approval for more caregiver hours for the consumer. An IHSS approved personal assistant was also identified. Additionally, the PAS Coordinator assisted the man to acquire a Hoyer lift through Medi-Cal. Without this support, the consumer may have been forced into a nursing home.

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