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The purpose of service delivery at the Dayle McIntosh Center (DMC) is to provide assistance that will facilitate both individual and community options for independent living. Most DMC programs were developed as a result of requests from people with disabilities, who defined gaps in services to address needs in their lives.  

Assistance available through the center is grouped into five major categories: Support Services, Skills Training, Transition Assistance, Services for the Deaf, and Community Services.

Support Services

Often, people with disabilities need support to achieve independence. 

Whether help is need to learn to use assistive technology, find a caregiver, or cope with adjusting to a disability, DMC offers an array of supportive services, which includes:

Services Picture of woman in wheelchair with tote on her lap rolling on pavers through a rose garden.


Skills Training

Services AVL picture of magnifying glass on top of newspaper.The ability to manage one’s personal affairs is at the core of self-sufficiency. 

The Dayle McIntosh Center provides specialized training to prepare individuals with disabilities to achieve daily tasks and direct their own lives. Instruction is available in these areas:

Transition Services

Services Picture of instructor and 4 youth consumers. One youth is flexing his muscles.Life is characterized by change and moving from one phase to another can require multiple levels of assistance. 

Dayle McIntosh Center staff helps to coordinate the elements that will lead to successful transition for the following two specific target groups:

Services for the Deaf

Services Picture of a man signing with a group of peopleAssistance to aid deaf persons to succeed in a hearing world has been a consistent part of the service delivery profile at DMC. 

Services are designed to promote effective communication and integration within this population. 

Community Services

Services Picture of DMC resource table at an eventThe Dayle McIntosh Center is committed to being a reliable resource on disability topics and issues for professionals and the public at large in Orange County. 

Our team engages with the community through a variety of methods:

Technical Assistance
Community Education
Systems Advocacy


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