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The purpose of service delivery at the Dayle McIntosh Center (DMC) is to provide assistance that will facilitate both individual and community options for independent living. Most DMC programs were developed as a result of requests from people with disabilities and older adults, who defined gaps in services to address needs in their lives.  DMC is here to provide core services and serves as hub organization with many referral resources, programs, and partners.  We’re committed to providing resources and access to people with disabilities and older adults have equal opportunities to lead their lives as they choose. 

Photo of laptop on table. Dayle McIntosh Logo is on the computer screen; To the left of the laptop there is a notebook with a pen. To the right of the laptop a cup of coffee on a saucer with a spoon. Above the coffee is a cell phone..  Underneath this photo are disability symbols – Left to Right pictured are physical disability indicated by the universal wheelchair symbol; a mental health symbol with a human head and brain; a blind/low-vision symbol, person with a walking stick and support/advocate sign to represent deaf services. These symbols are white on a dark blue background. The image has a light blue border.

The Aging and Disability Resource Connection (ADRC)     

The Aging and Disability Resource Connection assists older adults and individuals with disabilities with an array of services to support independent living and avoid institutionalization. The ADRC is a collaboration of partners, which allows access to outside community organizations to more wholly serve the disability and aging community with their comprehensive needs in practice of the No Wrong Door service model. Our core services include Information and Referral, Options Counseling, Short-Term service coordination and transitions from long-term facilities.

Often, individuals with disabilities and older adults need support to achieve independence. 

Whether help is need to learn to use assistive technology, find a caregiver, or cope with adjusting to a disability, DMC offers an array of supportive services, which includes.

Youth Program team and participants gathered together outside in the arches of the IL Center, smiling in unity

Blind person with cane and guide dog

The Dayle McIntosh Staff representing the organization at a booth out in the community during Pride 2023

The Dayle McIntosh Center is dedicated to serving as a dependable and comprehensive source of information on subjects and concerns that impact individuals with disabilities and older adults. We aim to provide valuable insights to both professionals and the wider public within Orange County.

Our team engages with the community through a variety of methods:

  • Promoting Representation, Inclusion and Compliance
  • Educating the Community
  • Community Outreach
  • Collaboration and Networking

DMC’s Pamela & Jet at Deaf Awareness Riverside at DMC representation booth.
Assistance to aid d/Deaf persons to succeed in a hearing world has been a consistent part of the service delivery profile at DMC. 

Services are designed to promote effective communication and integration within this population. 

Photo to the left is a chalk board with a brick wall behind it with an ivy vine around the board which reads “Learning + Skills + Time + Training = Independence. The Dayle McIntosh logo is at the bottom of the chalk board. To the right, Services AVL picture of magnifying glass on top of newspaper.

The Dayle McIntosh Center (DMC) provides specialized training to prepare individuals with disabilities and older adults to achieve daily tasks and direct their own lives. 

Image description: a group photo of youth, smiling or posing, outside of a building and greenery.

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“Dayle McIntosh Disability does an incredible job advancing the integration and full participation of individuals with disabilities in their communities. Through its hard work, programs, and resources, DMC gives individuals with disabilities the tools they need to live their lives to the fullest and accomplish great things.”

Alan Mansoor – Assemblyman

“Since they were first recommended to me, DMC has been a Godsend. They helped get me a new caretaker, helped me navigate the bus system, gave me a wheelchair and gave me the mobility I needed to graduate from Irvine Valley College and visit my family. They’re truly an amazing resource and an organization with which I plan to volunteer!”

  1. Kabir – DMC Consumer

“For many years Dayle McIntosh Disability has been an effective and trusted community resource enabling people with disabilities to live with dignity, choice and independence.”

Loretta Sanchez – Congresswoman

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