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Photo of clear blue skies, a beaming sunlight of inspiration, and an open road journey to what is possible – Representative of our DMC beginnings

Our history highlights how the Dayle McIntosh Center for the Disabled came to be and the fated path crossings of our founder, first Executive Director and our original Board of Directors. We can appreciate our own unique story. However, to truly understand how remarkable DMC’s story is, one has to learn about each of these amazing people who helped open our doors.

Disclaimer: the Dayle McIntosh Center for the Disabled acknowledges that its founder, original Executive Director, and Board of Directors were actively engaged in advocacy and community activism during the 1920s through the 1950s, a period marked by significantly different language and terminology.

For the sake of authenticity, we have drawn upon primary sources such as autobiographies, biographies, personal journals from family and friends, as well as historical records from local and state governments, librarians, and specialized history collection archivists. These sources provide valuable insights into the perspectives and language of the times. Through this research, we can trace the evolution of advocacy and activism over the decades since our organization’s inception. We acknowledge that some of the language recorded in historical documents predating our existence may now be considered offensive, and we apologize for any unintended discomfort it may cause.

We hope you enjoy reading each person’s own life story to fully appreciate how DMC’s story came to be our history tied to their own.

The recounting of history was a very long and arduous process. We’d like to thank everyone who helped us recount the legacy left behind by our Founder and Original Officers:

Board Members At-Large 

  • Ruth E. Finley – Governance Committee Chair
  • Peggy Metro- Finance Committee Chair/DMC Office Manager
  • Donald A. Nelson – Fundraising Chair
  • Kay Goddard – Member At- Large
  • Mick Spencer – Member At- Large


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