Community Services

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Watch how to sign ‘community’ in American Sign Language

Watch how to sign ‘service’ in American Sign Language

The DMC Team is pictured working in the community, providing outreach, information and resources to the community at a recent LGBT+ Pride event in OC.

Dayle McIntosh Center offers services and education for the community which aim to encourage the acceptance and inclusion of older adults and people with disabilities.

Promoting Representation, Inclusion and Compliance:

Person smiling on OCTA Access Wheelchair Lift being assisted by  driverRepresentation matters. Our goal at DMC is to promote a culture of disability acceptance and ensure that people with disabilities and older adults are better represented in the community. Many of the team members at DMC actively participate in advisory committees, task forces, and governing boards. Team members also offer guidance and advocacy on laws, regulations, and accessibility standards, making recommendations to ensure compliance.

Two square images with blue backgrounds. On the first, a street bisects the middle of the image with a red car heading from right to left and a bus heading from left to right. Above and below the image is a quote from OCTA representative Gracie, which reads: “Working with grants from OCTA, Dayle McIntosh has assisted the disabled community in becoming more independent through transit training programs and providing alternative transit services. Dayle McIntosh staff is represented on OCTA’s Accessible Transit Advisory Committee and has always been supportive of OCTA projects. OCTA is thankful for the collaboration and successful partnership with Dayle McIntosh and looks forward to enhancing opportunities for the Orange County disabled community together.” Below that, the words "Orange County Transportation Authority" are printed in orange lettering.

Additionally, DMC offers demonstrations for law enforcement officers on how to interact appropriately with individuals with specific disabilities. The intention is to establish a platform where individuals with disabilities, policymakers, service providers, and the general public can come together to share their personal experiences, raise concerns, and advocate for the rights of people with disabilities and older adults.

DMC’s Executive Director, Brittany Zazueta speaking at APRIL Conference 2023.

Collaboration and Networking:

DMC actively engages with a wide range of entities to gain knowledge about various resources in the community. Through networking efforts, DMC strives to establish strong partnerships with organizations, fostering collaborations to expand the scope of assistance available to people with disabilities including accessibility, inclusive policies, equal and equitable opportunities for people with disabilities and older adults.

Pictured -Youth Services Team at the Mission Viejo Library

Community Outreach:

DMC actively participates in a wide range of community events across various sectors, including agencies and health fairs, special events, and community forums. The primary objective is to foster inclusivity and cultivate a sense of belonging for individuals with disabilities. During these gatherings, DMC strives to educate the community about resources, services, and support networks that exist to enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities and older adults. In addition to providing information, DMC also works to facilitate meaningful connections within the community.

DMC’s Systems Change Beck Levin speaking at APRIL Conference.

Educating the Community:

DMC provides educational presentations and workshops to the community. Some topics include Disability Acceptance and Etiquette Training, Deaf Sensitivity Training, the Intersection of Being LGBTQIA+ and Disabled, as well as, the history and philosophy of Independent Living. We can provide customized presentations based on community requests.

DMC also provides educational opportunities for members of the disability community. Participants can learn about important topics such as voter access, health care screenings, work incentives, renter’s rights, and other matters relevant to independent living. Team members can either conduct the training or invite experts from the community to lead these presentations.

DMC works in the community all year long. Pictured, is Team DMC working at the Annual Halloween Resource Fair.

Community Services

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