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“My relationship with DMC began in 1978 and after 34 years it’s still going strong. I first got involved because I have a son with disabilities. DMC was tremendously helpful to our family. Since then I have been a board member, a contributor and a major advocate. DMC does great things for people with disabilities as well as the community at large. I love DMC!”

George Moss – DMC Board Member

“I value my independence, but live in a world of shadows because I’m almost blind. Things are much better now thanks to DMC. Their amazing staff taught me how to use technology to communicate with friends and family, surf the net, look for job opportunities and gain a new sense of freedom. My vision hasn’t changed, but now I’m pretty computer savvy and have achieved a whole new level of independence. Thank you DMC.”

Leslie M. – DMC Consumer

“Since they were first recommended to me, DMC has been a Godsend. They helped get me a new caretaker, helped me navigate the bus system, gave me a wheelchair and gave me the mobility I needed to graduate from Irvine Valley College and visit my family. They’re truly an amazing resource and an organization with which I plan to volunteer!”

W. Kabir – DMC Consumer

“I was at wits end before coming to DMC. Unemployed for 3 years, scared and my confidence gone, I desperately needed help. Thankfully I got it from Riki at DMC. She gave me focus, helped me create my personal jobs plan and gave me all the tools and support I needed to get a job. Most importantly, she helped me believe in myself again! I got the first job I applied for and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you DMC!”

Joe Crawford – DMC Consumer

“I have a background in education but after being unemployed for 2 years I was willing to take anything. That was of course before I met Vicki, my DMC employment specialist. After an exhaustive intake interview, she told me that I had the heart and skill-sets to be successful in education and that’s where we were going to look. Vicki helped me more effectively assess my strengths and weaknesses and market myself. Thirty days later I got a job working with children at the YMCA.”

Tiffany Niedert – DMC Consumer

“I was grounded until I took advantage of DMC’s Mobility Management Program. Given my age and disability, I’m unsteady on my feet and can’t drive. Now, thanks to DMC, I’m mobile. I walk better because DMC gave me a cane and a walker. I travel more because DMC trained me to the point where I now have the confidence to take various OCTA busses. DMC not only gave me a level of independence I never imagined possible, they also saved me money with an OCTA discount fare ID card. They’re wonderful, a 10 in my book!”

Elizabeth B. Vasquez – DMC Consumer

“Dayle McIntosh Disability does an incredible job advancing the integration and full participation of individuals with disabilities in their communities. Through its hard work, programs, and resources, DMC gives individuals with disabilities the tools they need to live their lives to the fullest and accomplish great things.”

Alan Mansoor – Assemblyman

“For many years Dayle McIntosh Disability has been an effective and trusted community resource enabling people with disabilities to live with dignity, choice and independence.”

Loretta Sanchez – Congresswoman

“It’s a pleasure working with DMC. Over the years, they have provided us with a number of excellent employees. Their highly professional employment specialists do an exceptional job throughout the hiring process…from job prep, interviewing and mentoring to on-the-job coaching. Bottom line: Qualified candidates and successful employee relationships. DMC does an excellent job for Vons/Pavilions.”

Pauline Grenier – Vons HR

“My 30-year relationship with DMC has been an incredible journey. When my second child was born, my world was turned upside down. My beautiful baby boy, a preemie, was born deaf and with heart defects. I needed help and DMC was there for me. From teaching us the basics of sign language during the first years of his life to multiple interventions for the hearing impaired as he went through high school, college and graduate school. They were a Godsend and in those years I found my calling. I have served DMC as an outspoken parent advocate, a community organizer, a political liaison, and as a board member and now as Chairman of the Board. I love DMC because it is who I am and what I do…like family.”

Libby Partain – Former Chairman of the Board

 “I’m proud to be part of the DMC Family. When I learned about the organization in 2000—its mission, goals, passionate staff and great heart—I immediately joined the board. It’s always a pleasure to work with people who are positive role models, strive to make a difference in the world and change lives. DMC is an extraordinary organization…tops in my book.”

Stuart Crust – Former Board Member

“Learning to adjust to life with vision loss is a journey filled with so many emotions. The mantra we live by and share with all our Aging with Vision Loss consumers is quite simple: You will be able to do almost everything you did before vision loss. It’s just a matter of finding new ways of doing those tasks. I’m blessed to change lives and be part of the DMC Team.”

Socorro Arroyo-Merchain – AVL Program Manager

“I’ve had a wonderful life—college, military and a successful career—a life that changed forever one Saturday morning on the golf course. On that fateful day my vision almost disappeared due to glaucoma. Things went from bad to worse. I went blind. My life was turned upside down until I met the wonderful folks at DMC. Since then I have been given the knowledge and tools to live and work independently. Best of all, I was hired by DMC as an AVL Coordinator so that I can help people like me live independent, productive lives.”

Ken Schaap – Former DMC Team Member

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