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ILS two men with post polio shaking hands. DMC Spread the Word stay connected with the DMC community and spread the wordThe Dayle McIntosh Center (DMC) is committed to creating and fostering community relationships.

Through the DMC website, social media, blog articles, and email, people are informed about what is happening at the center and within the disability community and are provided with ways of engaging through interactive dialog.

Methods for staying connected with DMC include:

Facebook: Like the Dayle McIntosh Center on Facebook 

YouTube: Follow the Dayle McIntosh Center on YouTube 

DMC Blog: Stay up to date with some of the current issues, affecting the disability community and the Dayle McIntosh Center, by reading and/or subscribing to blog articles

Mailing List: Join the Dayle McIntosh Centers mailing list to receive periodic updates, invitations to current events, and more. 

DMC Events: Attend a workshop or support a fundraising event. See calendar for upcoming events. 

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