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Paula Margeson, Executive Director

Paula Margeson is the Executive Director of the Dayle McIntosh Center. She began her career at DMC shortly after graduating from Cal State Fullerton, and has held the positions of Housing Coordinator, Core Services Supervisor, and Program Director. After 25 years in Texas, she returned to Orange County in 2014 to become the center’s Director.

The Executive Director oversees the daily operation of the center, implements governing policies, monitors compliance with all grants and contracts, represents DMC in the community, selects staff that have the right technical and personal abilities to help further the center’s mission, ensures that the programs and services offered by the center contribute to the mission and priorities of the organization, plans and engages in resource development, and administers the funds of the center according to the approved budget.

Lani Daly, Public Relations Administrator

Lani Daly has been at Dayle McIntosh Center since December of 2014. A graduate of the University of Southern California, she holds a Master’s degree in Social Work with an emphasis in community organizing and public administration.

The Public Relations Administrator (PRA) promotes the visibility of the center in the community, produces marketing materials, and assists with preparation of proposals, reports, and other official documentation. The PRA also provides administrative support to the Executive Director, acts as staff liaison to the governing board, and works with the Board and Director to plan and coordinate special events and other fund raising activities.

Brittany Hepler, Operations Manager

Brittany Hepler is the Operations Manager at DMC. She is a graduate of Cal State San Bernardino and has a background in child welfare and youth services.

The Operations Manager oversees the functional infrastructure of the center including: facility use and maintenance, equipment lease and repair, and purchase and replacement of office supplies. The Operations Manager also conducts basic human resources functions including: recruitment and orientation for new employees, supervision of clerical staff, oversees the Center’s data management system, conducts administrative functions for the interpreter services component, and provides leadership for special projects.

Miguel Escarzaga, Data Information System Administrator

The Data Information Systems Administrator is Miguel Escarzaga. He has held this position for almost ten years. Miguel has a Bachelor’s Degree from California State University, Long Beach, in Management Information Systems.

The Data Information Technology Administrator installs and maintains computer hardware, software and networks, provides training on new technology and recommends needed equipment and devices, monitors the intra-net and data back-up system, addresses IT issues and malfunctions, and conducts research to identify potential upgrades and/or more cost-effective technology options.

Diane Dunn, Accounting Manager

Diane Dunn is the Accounting Manager at DMC. She is a graduate from Cal State Fullerton and has held accounting positions in both the business and nonprofit sectors.

The Accounting Manager oversees the fiscal functions of the organization, maintains fund accounts and agency financial records, submits reimbursement requests for all grants and contracts, prepares and monitors agency and program budgets, facilitates audits, and develops comprehensive monthly financial statements for review by the Director and governing board.

Socorro Arroyo-Merchain, Program Manager/Service Coordinator

Socorro Arroyo-Merchain is the Program Manager/Service Coordinator at the Dayle McIntosh Center. Socorro has worked in the nonprofit field for over 13 years. Socorro’s own visual impairment affords her the opportunity to share her experience with others. She also serves as an English/Spanish interpreter and is the “go to person” when a Spanish speaking person contacts DMC for services. 

The Program Manager oversees the daily operation of core services, as well as, the Aging with Vision Loss program including, provision of staff supervision, development of annual program goals and objectives in specific service areas, monitoring of program performance, preparation of required progress reports, and identification and pursuit of networking and collaboration opportunities to strengthen and expand the scope of services.

Graciela Jimenez, Mobility Management Program Supervisor

Graciela Jimenez is the Center’s Mobility Management Program (MMP) Supervisor. She has a degree from Cal State Stanislaus and has worked in the disability field since graduation in 2013.

The MMP Supervisor provides direction for the travel trainers, conducts one-to-one mobility training with consumers, presents lessons on safety and trip planning for special education classes, engages in outreach activities targeted to specific populations, and monitors compliance with the contract between DMC and the Orange County Transportation Authority

Bruce Morgan, Transition/Employment/Safety Supervisor

Bruce Morgan is the Transition/Employment/Safety (TES) Supervisor. He has a background as an EMT/firefighter, has worked at NOAA, and was also supervisor of a Supportive Employment Program for Adults with intellectual disabilities.

The TES supervisor is responsible for safety and emergency planning, conducting administrative functions relevant to transitioning individuals from institutions such as nursing facilities to community living, supervising the employment services component, and serving on specific task forces and advisory bodies related to disaster coverage.

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