The Mission of the Dayle McIntosh Center is Access and Independence By, and For, People with Disabilities
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An image that says Assistance is Free of Charge with two people holding hands.Welcome to the website of the Dayle McIntosh Center (DMC) a nonprofit organization of, by, and for people with disabilities. The center serves the greater Orange County area of Southern California and has offices in Anaheim and Laguna Hills.

Disability is a normal part of the human experience. One in every five Americans will have a disability during his or her lifetime. Access to resources, training, and support from peers equips individuals, who are disabled, with the tools they need to succeed!

DMC is a uniquely valuable community resource for the following reasons:

  • All individuals, who need help to establish or maintain their independence, are eligible for services regardless of the type or origin of their disabilities!
  • Assistance is provided free of charge to consumers! 
  • Services are available to individuals with disabilities throughout their lives!
  • Consumers play an active part in the development and implementation of their own service plans!
  • The staff and board of directors are widely diverse and represent several cultures and disability groups!
  • The center has almost 40 years experience developing and providing services to the disability population!
  • Staff and volunteers offer disability awareness presentations to community groups and share their individual experiences meeting the challenges of living with disabilities!
  • Technical support is available to the community on a wide-range of disability topics including accessibility standards and compliance requirements related to specific legislation such as the Americans with Disabilities Act!
  • A center for independent living, DMC is the only organization of its type in Orange County!


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