Anaheim, CA – (January 9, 2023) –  Celebrating forty-six years in Orange County, California, The Dayle McIntosh Center for the Disabled (DMC) has served the disabilities and aging community as a 501 (c )(3) peer-based organization offering independent living rehabilitation programs, support and resources. As an organization which provides “Access and independence by, and for, people with disabilities” the non-profit organization continues to pivot with the growth, on-going consumer demands, and resources.  It is with this pivoting and need for constant change, DMC is proud to officially announce its new Executive Director, Brittany Zazueta.

Zazueta (she/her/hers) who has already worked with DMC for over ten years, in several titles and responsibilities that have varied, allowing her a unique perspective and insight to the inner workings of the Center. Most of her time has been spent in a management, training or program development capacity, most recently as the Interim Executive Director. She has seen first-hand the numerous changes at various stages of the non-profit organization’s evolution of services and is excited about what it means to officially be Executive Director.

“The disability community is growing rapidly due to the pandemic.  Being Executive Director now means I am able to be in a position to put people first and do it in a way where forward thinking addresses what we need right now. Because of the pandemic, we’ve been changing.  We’re serving people with new disabilities, dealing with new illnesses, and a growing aging population,” states Zazueta.

The Dayle McIntosh Center for the Disabled, provides services to people with disabilities and facilitates equal access and inclusion within the community. Founded in 1977, DMC is a non-residential, cross-

disability agency which meets the standards and indicators established for the operation of independent living centers in the federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended. Currently, 28 such centers exist in California and approximately 500 are in operation nationally.

Along with DMC’s long history of serving the disabilities community, and Zazueta’s diverse background which also includes National Leadership experience across a variety of independent living programs and initiatives, Zazueta is poised to take on all of the new challenges ahead.

“While there is technology and available medicine, there is a great need to change to provide services as our community keeps growing, which means helping people adapt. There are so many people with disabilities who don’t know they are actually a part of our community.  It’s my goal to include as many voices as possible, so that there are no longer folks who are underrepresented and underserved.”  

The Dayle McIntosh Center acquires revenues from public and private sources, as well as through fees for service received from third party payees. The primary funders of the organization include: the Administration on Community Living, the State Department of Rehabilitation, and the California Department of Aging. 

While the organization examines the essential need for expansion via additional funding, under Executive Director Brittany Zazueta’s plan and vision going forward, the community can expect a broader range of growth within the organization’s ability to address the on-going changes to reach new markets within the community.

DMC is striving to bring in new programs and resources to change with the growing demand of the disabilities community it serves. Part of DMC’s strength is being a peer-to-peer organization where most of the staff is composed of individuals, who have disabilities themselves and have lived experience which will help benefits those new to disability. With success in doing so, first-hand support, services, knowledge and experience add to the ability to expand outreach demonstrating what is possible in becoming self-sufficient and rising above challenges.

If you’d like to donate to The Dayle McIntosh Center you can do so by clicking HERE.

For more information on DMC’s programs and services go to or call directly at 714-621-3300.    For media story inquiries only, please contact Publicist, Stacey Kumagai, Media Monster Communications, Inc. at 818.506.8675.

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Contact: Publicist, Stacey Kumagai, Media Monster Communications, Inc. 818.506.8675

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