Welcome Home – Nursing Home Transition

While the Corona Virus is impacting all aspects of our lives on a daily basis, the impact of the pandemic is most felt in nursing facilities across the country and around the world. As many as 50 percent of all deaths caused by COVID-19 have taken place in nursing homes around the United States. While the percentage is lower in Orange County, helping aging and disabled individuals gain their independence and freedom is a priority for DMC.

Recently, DMC staff assisted Alexander Plasky in achieving his goal of leaving a nursing home and returning to living independently in the community. This included helping him get his own apartment, arranging for the long-term services and supports he would need to succeed and thrive at home, obtaining furnishings for his apartment, and other supports.

Picture of a Plasky, in a wheelchair, in front of his door, smiling holding up keys to his new apartment.

Plasky, age 24, described living in a nursing home as being much like living in a prison. He shared with DMC staff that he did not sleep well, feared the possibility of becoming infected with COVID-19, and that he constantly had to advocate for his own care as staff in the facility often changed.

When asked how his life is different now that he is living in the community, he said that he is excited and that he can now begin to work on public speaking, advocacy, and other goals he has for his future.

DMC is committed to this work and has identified significant funding to provide support to other individuals who are ready to return to the community. These funds can be used to cover deposits and first month’s rent, home furnishings, and other expenses that may be challenging for someone living in a nursing facility. If you know someone who could benefit from this program and or have other questions about our nursing home transition program, please contact DMC today.

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