DMC News & Updates September 2020

Welcome Home

While the Corona Virus is impacting all aspects of our lives on a daily basis, the impact of the pandemic is most felt in nursing facilities across the country and around the world. As many as 50 percent of all deaths caused by COVID-19 have taken place in nursing homes around the United States. While the percentage is lower in Orange County, helping aging and disabled individuals gain their independence and freedom is a priority for DMC.

Recently, DMC staff assisted Alexander Plasky in achieving his goal of leaving a nursing home and returning to living independently in the community. This included helping him get his own apartment, arranging for the long-term services and supports he would need to succeed and thrive at home, obtaining furnishings for his apartment, and other supports.

Plasky, age 24, described living in a nursing home as being much like living in a prison. He shared with DMC staff that he did not sleep well, feared the possibility of becoming infected with COVID-19, and that he constantly had to advocate for his own care as staff in the facility often changed.

When asked how his life is different now that he is living in the community, he said that he is excited and that he can now begin to work on public speaking, advocacy, and other goals he has for his future.

DMC is committed to this work and has identified significant funding to provide support to other individuals who are ready to return to the community. These funds can be used to cover deposits and first month’s rent, home furnishings, and other expenses that may be challenging for someone living in a nursing facility. If you know someone who could benefit from this program and or have other questions about our nursing home transition program, please contact DMC today.

Low-Cost Internet Services Available

With so many programs and services now being offered online, having access to the Internet and a computer or tablet is more important than ever before. A 2017 statewide survey showed that over 87 percent of California households have access to the Internet. That number falls to 75 percent of households that include a person who has a disability. Thanks to a partnership with the World Institute on Disability, DMC is able to provide you with information on low-cost Internet options that may be available in your community. Please contact DMC to learn more about this program.

Serving our Community, Supporting Independence

Earlier this year, in response to the impacts of the pandemic, Congress passed legislation known as the CARES Act. DMC received significant funding from this legislation to be used for directly responding to the crisis. We are pleased to share that we are able to provide assistance in a number of areas because of these dollars. These include helping individuals to transition out of nursing facilities, providing support and services that prevent individuals from ending up in nursing facilities, and addressing other significant needs caused by COVID-19.

DMC is responding to the crisis in a variety of ways:

A food distribution program was established early in the crisis to provide support to individuals at risk because of the pandemic. DMC is pleased to share that we have now partnered with Meals on Wheels of Orange County in order to continue the program long-term.

We are able to provide financial assistance with deposits, first month’s rent, home furnishings and other costs associated with helping individuals transition out of nursing facilities into the community.

DMC is able to cover a portion of costs for emergency personal assistance services for individuals that may otherwise be at risk of significant health issues or being moved to nursing facilities.

DMC is working to establish a program that can provide minor home modifications such as installation of grab bars, ramps, and other modifications that allow someone to remain at home and or return home from hospitalization.

We continue to provide technology to individuals in our community including chrome books, tablets, and other devices to increase independence and bridge the digital divide.

These and other services are a direct result of the CARES Act funding. We encourage you to reach out to DMC if you are in need of support during this difficult time.


New Faces at DMC

DMC is excited to announce that two of our former youth program volunteers officially joined the DMC team in July.

Emily Leach is now the Personal Assistant Services (PAS) Coordinator. She will be providing information and support to consumers seeking assistance with identifying and hiring caregivers.

Harmony Tarrant joined DMC as our new Independent Living Skills (ILS) Instructor for South County and will be assisting people with disabilities of all ages in reaching their goals. Harmony works out of the South County office.

Picture of board member LouAnne BoydAdditionally, The DMC Board of Directors welcomed LouAnne Boyd, Ph.D. as the newest member in late July. Dr. Boyd is a Professor of Computer Science at Chapman University. She joined the Fowler of School of Engineering in 2018 and teaches courses in human-computer interaction. Her research explores sensory and social issues related to assistive technology for neurodiversity. She aims to promote equity by making technology that is inclusive and accessible.

Welcome to the team Emily, Harmony, and LouAnne!

Support DMC

We recognize this is a difficult and uncertain time for everyone, we also know that you may be looking for an opportunity to support your community. DMC continues to receive requests for food assistance, transportation, and other immediate needs. Additionally, in order to better serve the community, we have purchased and implemented new technology and tools that were not anticipated. If you would like to make a donation to DMC so that we can continue to provide the support and resources needed by so many at this time, please click on Donate to DMC

Social Distancing Does Not Mean Social Isolation!

DMC continues to offer a number of workshops, training, and peer support groups designed to provide our community with valuable information and support. 

In September DMC is featuring a workshop on voting and on emergency preparedness.

Rock the Vote: Cast your ballot this election Red white and blue rock the vote graphic

The Dayle McIntosh Center invites you to learn about Voting during the Pandemic. Join Gabe Taylor, from Disability Rights California and Bhumit Shah, from Dayle McIntosh Center on September 21st at 11:00 AM to talk about voting, including important dates, voting options in Orange County, and voting practices to stay safe during COVID-19. Click Here to Register.

September is Emergency Preparedness Month

Now is a great time to make sure you are prepared in the event of an emergency. Fires, heat, flooding, and Earthquakes are just a few of the possible disasters we face living in Southern California.

Join DMC staff at 3:00 PM on Tuesday, September 29th to learn more about steps you can take to be prepared when the next emergency hits. This casual and conversational workshop will be offered on Zoom and via phone. Click Here to Register.

For more information and to view all groups and events please visit DMC Virtual Peer Support Groups & Meeting Calendar

Red white and blue ADA30 logo that includes the text Americans with Disabilities Act, Celebrate the ADA! July 26,2020Celebrating the ADA

DMC Celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act by Telling Our Stories. We reached out to our staff, Board members, and community stakeholders to ask them How the ADA impacted or changed their life, and what the ADA means to them?  This is what we heard.

If you are in need of help with accessing transportation, food, medicine, applying for public benefits, or have other needs, please reach out to DMC for support and information. We continue to identify resources that may provide the help you need. You can reach our office by calling 714-621-3300.

Please follow DMC on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest information, updates, and announcements. 


Last Call! Red white and blue census graphic with DMC logo

Completing the 2020 Census as a person with a disability will ensure that funding is allocated to areas of public life that are supported by the ADA. Complete your Census form today!

If you would like assistance with completing the Census, please call the Dayle McIntosh Center, 714-621-3300

Graphic of power lines with orange sunset in background with DMC logo and text that states: Southern California Edison Baseline Program. Are you eligible? Call DMC to find out 714-621-3300.Save Money and Stay Independent During Disasters: Southern California Edison Medical Baseline Program

Southern California Edison has developed a program where people who use equipment at home, related to their disability, may be eligible for reduced electricity rates and be notified in advance if their power is going to be turned off. 

To find out if you are eligible and how to sign up, please call us at 714-621-3300. 

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