DMC News & Updates June 2020

Black & white graphic with CA ILCs logo's and the statement: Black Lives Matter. The California Foundation for Independent Living Centers, (CFILC) is united in solidarity with our Black staff, board, consumers, community members and allies. Racism must end

There Is Power In Solidarity

As a member of the California Foundation for Independent Living Centers (CFILC), the Dayle McIntosh Center endorses and supports the collaboratively developed statement “Black Lives Matter.” To view the complete statement, click here.

DMC COVID-19 Community Survey

As a part of our efforts to identify and meet the needs of the community during COVID-19, DMC began conducting a survey of our consumers in early May. The results of this survey have and will continue to guide our efforts in the future. Some notable results include:

• 57 percent of respondents indicated at least some concern about their ability to access food during COVID-19.
• Nearly 20 percent of survey participants indicated they did not have enough food at home and were not sure how they would be able to get food in the future.
• 80 percent indicated they rely on a friend, delivery service, or program such as Meals on Wheels to obtain food.
• 63 percent specifically identified they wanted help obtaining food during COVID-19.

• 30 percent identified a need for social interaction and peer support.
• 27 percent said they do not have access to the internet at home.

DMC Delivers…

Picture of trunk loaded with groceries.DMC has partnered with food pantries in Orange County to provide food and to address other essential needs. In May DMC made 64 deliveries of food and other essential items to 36 people. Currently, the program is only available to existing DMC consumers who are receiving services through other programs offered by the organization. However, as we build capacity, we expect to broaden eligibility very soon and look forward to filling this important need. Additionally, we are working to offer the option of grocery delivery from select stores. If you are already receiving services from DMC and feel you could benefit from this program, please contact Mareli at 714-621-3300.

Social Distancing Does Not Mean Social Isolation!

In order to better support you, we continue to increase the number of Virtual Peer Support Groups we are offering. Upcoming groups in June include:

Low Vision: Peer support and chat groups in both English and Spanish for people in Orange and Los Angeles Counties; and Orientation & Mobility

Independent Living Skills: Deaf Peer Support; Disability Chats; and Essential Skills for Independence

Assistive Technology: All Things Low Vision & Tech Talk Group; and other Assistive Technology Workshops.

DMC Youth Program: Weekly Zoom Call, including Live Out Loud (LOL); Independent Living Skills; Inclusive Improv; and Peer Support

For more information and to view all groups and events please visit
DMC Virtual Peer Support Groups & Meeting Calendar

If you are in need of help with accessing transportation, food, medicine, applying for public benefits, or have other needs, please reach out to DMC for support and information. We continue to identify resources that may provide the help you need. You can reach our office by calling 714-621-3300.

Please follow DMC on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest information, updates, and announcements. 

Finally, while we recognize this is a difficult and uncertain time for everyone, we also know that you may be looking for an opportunity to support your community. DMC continues to receive requests for food assistance, transportation, and other immediate needs. Additionally, in order to better serve the community, we have purchased and implemented new technology and tools that were not anticipated. If you would like to make a donation to DMC so that we can continue to provide the support and resources needed by so many at this time, please go to Donate to DMC

Red white and blue ADA30 logo that includes the text Americans with Disabilities Act, Celebrate the ADA! July 26,2020July 26, 2020 marks the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The Dayle McIntosh Center (DMC) is proud to reaffirm our mission of “access and independence by, and for, people with disabilities.” The 30th anniversary of the ADA is a time to remember how far we have come and why it is still important to raise awareness and to support efforts to fully implement the ADA. Throughout July, DMC will be sharing information about the ADA to raise awareness and to celebrate 30 years!

Make sure people with disabilities are seen, heard, & make an impact! Complete your Census form today! Red white and blue census graphic with DMC logo
• Online 💻
• By phone 📲 at 1-844-330-2020
• By mail, if you received the paper form.
If you would like assistance with completing the Census, please call Kathleen at the Dayle McIntosh Center, 714-621-3300.

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