Media Corner: DMC History and Programs in the News

DMC has been featured in several recent articles:

February 22, 2018: OC Weekly article covering DMC history and milestones. Click on the following title to view.  “The Dayle McIntosh Center Marks a Milestone of Disability-Rights Activism.”

February 14, 2018: Blog article by Y.O. Disabled and Proud, Click on the following title to go to online article. “Youth Program at The Dayle McIntosh Center is a Success!”

February 2018: SILC Newsletter, Sharing Information Loud and Clear – Vision Lost and Found article giving an overview of DMC’s Aging with Vision Loss Program. Click on the following title to view PDF. Thriving with Vision Loss and the DMC

Last but not least, a short video was created by Scott Clement for DMC’s 40th Anniversary event. The video highlights several compelling consumer testimonials. Click here to watch video.

An image that is long like a banner that has several photographs of people doing activities.