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The Dayle McIntosh Center has been offering sign language interpreting services in Orange County since 1980. We are committed to facilitating accessible communication through quality sign language interpreting services. As a local nonprofit, we remain connected and aware of our community’s needs. The scope of work we cover includes medical, artistic, community, educational, business, legal, religious, and emergency interpreting, among others. Services are available in person and through video remote interpreting. All of our contract interpreters are members of the Registry of Interpreter for the Deaf. For over 40 years, the Dayle McIntosh Center has provided sign language interpreting services in Orange County and we look forward to serving our community for years to come.

Our Process
New customers will receive our service agreement via DocuSign. Once completed, the customer will be given a unique username and password for our scheduling platform. Authorized requestors can log in and request sign language interpreting services directly from our portal. DMC will confirm the receipt of the request and verify when an interpreter has been secured for the event. On the day of the appointment, a qualified interpreter will provide sign language interpreting services between the deaf and hearing individuals. Upon completion, DMC will send an itemized invoice to the customer for all interpreting services provided.

Existing Customers: Submit a New Request Here

New customers and new interpreters, please connect with us here.

Contact Us
Heather Foust
Manager of Sign Language Interpreting Services
(714) 621-3300 ext 608

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