Help Transform Long-Term Care in California

You can help to transform Long-Term Care in California and receive a $10 Gift Card!

California will need an estimated 600,000 additional caregivers and home attendants by 2030 to support our state’s seniors and people with disabilities. In order to meet the growing need, we need to understand the ways long-term care in California does and does not work for consumers and workers.

To do this, we are promoting a study of the industry that is surveying workers, employers of caregivers and home attendants, long-term care facility residents, and their families all across the state. They want to understand how Californians are making decisions about long-term care and support services for themselves and their loved ones. Everyone who completes the survey will receive a $10 Target gift card. For tracking purposes, please indicate that you heard about the survey from the Dayle McIntosh Center.

Information accessed from on 12/10/20

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