Dayle McIntosh Center announces reopening of Sign Language Interpreting Referral Services

DecorativeThe Dayle McIntosh Center is thrilled to announce the reopening of our Sign Language Interpreting Referral Services. Our decision to close the program this past May was heavily driven by Assembly Bill 5, which required that we move from working with interpreters as independent contractors to employees. This model is not appropriate or sustainable for the interpreting industry. Thankfully, legislators recognized this. AB2257 was recently passed, exempting sign language interpreters from AB5. Due to this change, we are able to reinstate our services.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we recognize the essential need for communication access for the deaf through sign language interpreting. With this reopening, we will be bringing new life to our program. To ensure the highest quality standards and to remain in compliance with AB2257, all interpreters on our registry will possess credentials recognized by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf or by the state of California. Additionally, our organization will utilize a custom scheduling program allowing customers to request, change, and cancel services more efficiently.

We are eager to work with you again providing quality sign language interpreting services with the highest customer care. However, we will not begin accepting requests until we have built a robust registry of qualified interpreters. As soon as we are ready to start providing services again, we will reach out to the community. To learn more about our improved operations, please contact Heather Foust at (714) 621-3300 ext. 608 or by email at We look forward to serving our community again and hope to connect with you soon.

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