DMC Recognizes National Voter Registration Day

September 26th is National Voter Registration Day. Held the fourth Tuesday in September, organizations across the U.S. host events to bring public awareness to ballot initiatives, local elections, and voter registration.

Every vote counts. When things don’t go the way we hope they will politically, it is tempting to think, “Why vote? What difference does it really make anyway?” Yet, voting is the very foundation of democracy. We are “the people.”  We have a say!

Citizens with disabilities must exercise their right to vote. According to the Census Bureau, one in every five Americans has a disability. We are 56,000,000 strong, the largest minority population in the United States. We can affect the outcomes of elections.

Voting isn’t only important during presidential elections. Former Speaker of the House, Tip O’Neill, said, “All politics is local.” In communities all over America, elections are being held and propositions and initiatives proposed throughout the year. Be part of the process. Remember, you don’t have a complaint coming, if you don’t vote!


For information about current elections, contact Nonprofit VOTE, the Women’s League of Voters or the Registrar of Voters in your county.  

By, Paula Margeson, Executive Director, Dayle McIntosh Center

Photo credit, Healthy Community Living    

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