Legal Protections for Children with Disabilities Workshop


June 20, 2018 6:00 pm

Dayle McIntosh Center: Main Office

501 N. Brookhurst Street, Suite 102, Anaheim, CA 92801


The Dayle McIntosh Center will be hosting a workshop for parents of children with disabilities at DMC Anaheim on 6/20. Attached is the flyer with instructions for how to register. 

Legal Protections for Children with Disabilities Workshop is designed for parents, grandparents, and relatives of any child with a disability (minor or adult).

Every parent of a child with a disability wonders, “What will happen to my child when I am gone,” and “How will he/she be provided for financially in my absence? “

Participants will learn:

How to pass money to a child with a disability in a way that would not disqualify them from receiving government benefits

  • What is a special needs trust and whether it’s necessary
  • What is a conservatorship and what are the alternatives
  • How to ensure your child can live the lifestyle you envision for them if anything should happen to the parents

Parents of children with disabilities (of any age) need legal information from an attorney to get their questions answered and gain peace of mind.

There are 10 planning steps you can take to take charge of your child’s future care.

Register at: or by calling 949-260-1400 

Take Charge of Your Child’s Future and Build a Fortress of Protection that Will Last a Lifetime

I attended this workshop and am so grateful I did. I left feeling empowered to protect my son from situations that I never wanted to contemplate. I’ve spread the word among my friends and colleagues since then, because I was so struck with the incredible importance of the information and the clear, direct action points shared. These workshops are a true gift for the community!   – Roberta Brown

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