Focus Group for CalOptima Members


August 7, 2017 10:00 am

Share Your Thoughts about what is Important to You and Your Community: Participate in a Focus Group

Join us to share what is important to you, your family, and your community for CalOptima to better understand what affects your health.

CalOptima is conducting an evaluation to help understand the highest needs of their members, most importantly, the barriers to access, gaps in services, and any difference in the quality of health.

Why Should I Participate?

If you are a CalOptima member, your information is important!  This is your chance to tell CalOptima your ideas, thoughts and concerns that affect your health and the health of the community in Orange County.

The information you share will help CalOptima work with the community to know what affects your health and provide health services you and your family need.

How Can I Participate?*

  • Come and share your thoughts at a local focus group:
    • Familiar and safe environment with about 12-15 community members.
    • Approximately 1-2 hours long.
    • Light refreshments will be provided.
    • Language interpreter will be provided (if needed).
  • If you received a survey in the mail, complete the survey and send it back to CalOptima.

Your privacy will be protected. Your name will not be connected to anything you say at the focus group or answer in the survey.  As a thank you for attending a focus group or completing the survey, you will receive a no-cost gift card.*

To Register or for Questions

To register for the focus group or if you have any questions, please call Paula Margeson at 714/621-3300. If you have questions about the study, please call CalOptima at 1-714-246-8696. TDD/TTY users can call toll-free at 1-800-735-2929.

Flyer about Focus Group for CalOptima Members

An image that is long like a banner that has several photographs of people doing activities.