I Heart DMC Giving Day

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Thank You DMC 2018 Banner Staff in front of bus
The board of directors and staff of Dayle McIntosh Center thanks you for your donation $50.00 to “I Heart DMC 2018!”  Because of your support, we were able to generate $31,737 in 24 hours!

Helen Keller said, alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.  Your contribution will make a difference in the lives of many.

Please take a moment to watch a 20 second video of staff expressing their heartfelt thanks on You Tube at http://tiny.cc/DMCThankyou

Last year alone, DMC assisted 1,184 people with disabilities by providing a wide array of services. Some received recycled equipment such as wheel chairs and walkers. Others found housing and personal care attendants. Some learned to use the public bus system on their own and others benefitted from sign language interpretation. Older people with failing eye sight discovered new ways of doing things without seeing. Youth with disabilities found new friends and developed skills that will enable them to live independently as young adults.

Thank you for not only ensuring that outcomes such as these will continue, but for also making it possible for DMC to qualify for additional incentive funding through the state of California.

Contributions were made by some who wished to remain anonymous and by the following individuals: 

  • Jose & Maria Arroyo
  • Daniel Acosta
  • Hufsa Ahmad
  • Lieselott Aldrich
  • Everette Bacon
  • Darrel Bender
  • Arthur Blaser
  • Rita Boratav
  • Norma Brandel Gibbs
  • Christian Buhl
  • Gina Buser
  • Terrie Buss
  • Denise Calizar
  • James Campbell
  • Kim Cansino
  • Anthony (Tony) Clement
  • Shari Cluck Taylor
  • Tara Cooper
  • Erick Cortez
  • Hernan Cortez
  • Marisol Cortez
  • Traci CortezMarci Cuthbertson
  • Lani Daly
  • Sue Davis
  • Kevin Drozd
  • Diane Dunn
  • Paula Dunn
  • Margaret Ferguson
  • John & Christine Finch
  • Trish Fipps
  • Donna Fyffe
  • Lucy Gafford
  • Margarita Garcia
  • Rosa Garcia
  • Carolina Garcia
  • Carolyn Garner
  • Carol Geisbauer
  • Amanda Gentile
  • Tara Gheen
  • Kay Goddard
  • Debra Granata
  • Margaret Hall
  • Amber Hulbert
  • Kim Jannati
  • Fran Johnson
  • Sandra Justen
  • Cara Kahm
  • Dolly & Paul Kaplan
  • Brett Lantz
  • Jacquelynette Leeming
  • Natalie Lombardo
  • Georgiana Lostlen
  • Marcy Lovett
  • Joan MacDonald
  • Amy Mandelbaum
  • Paula Margeson
  • Timothy Margeson
  • Kyle McIntosh
  • Suzanne McIntosh
  • Socorro & Michael Merchain
  • Paul Miller
  • Christina Mills
  • Bruce Morgan
  • Dianne Morgan
  • James Moyer
  • Shannon Murray
  • Christine Nguyen
  • Thane Peters
  • Brenda Premo
  • Shannon Reitz
  • Emmanuel Reyes
  • Guillermina Reyes
  • Lizbeth Salinas
  • Jane Sohmer
  • Maria Spindola
  • Brenda Stewart
  • Trenton Stokes
  • Mary Welch
  • Robynn Yolar
  • Brittany Zazueta
  • Adrianne & Valtopia

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