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        Monetary Donations of All Sizes are Always Appreciated

Your donated funds will be used to further our mission of advancing the empowerment, equality, integration and full participation of people with disabilities in the community, and helping people like these:

Leslie M



“I value my independence but live in a world of shadows because I’m almost blind. Things are much better now thanks to DMC. Their amazing staff taught me how to use technology to communicate with friends and family, surf the net, look for job opportunities and gain a new sense of freedom.”

W. Kabir




“Since they were first recommended to me, DMC has been a Godsend. They helped get me a new caretaker, helped me navigate the bus system, gave me a wheelchair and gave me the mobility I needed to graduate from college and visit my family.”

Angelo R




“Because of my on-going respiratory issue I lived in medical facilities for 5 years. In 2011, thanks to the Dayle McIntosh Disability Resource Centers, I was finally able to move out and live on my own in my very own apartment.
If it weren’t for their assistance I would still be living in a medical facility.”

          Participate in Our Reuse, Repair and Recycle Program

The Dayle McIntosh Center has an active Reuse, Repair and Recycle (R³) Program through which we have helped hundreds of consumers receive working equipment and information that helps to improve their independence. We take in donations of Durable Medical Equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, and scooters. We then repair them, clean them up and offer them to our consumers.

DMC is also an active partner with California’s Assistive Technology (AT) Network and AT Coalition. Being a part of the AT network’s R³ Program gives us access to information and advice that we can share with our consumers and allows us to list equipment so that other program partners can use it as well. The AT Coalition is a forward-thinking group working on the challenges of finding affordable services and appropriate support for AT Programs Statewide. Consumers can call or visit DMC and see a myriad of different solutions to their personal challenges. Consumers can even borrow some items to try them out at home or work.



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