DMC Program & Clerical Team

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Judith Aguilar – orientation and mobility instructor

Jeanne Bray – ILS Instructor for the Blind

Paul Brennan – ILS Instructor for the Blind

Elizabeth Campbell – Systems Change Advocate

Ivan Cortez – Mobility Travel Trainer

Nick Engstler – Deaf Services Coordinator

Gricelda Pena – O & M Instructor

Roman Garcia – ILS Instructor, South County

Nelly Gomez – Youth Outreach Coordinator

Kami Genus-Baldwin – Transitions Coordinator

Wendy Hong – ILS Clerical Support

Jet Hurley – ILS Instructor for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Aderike “BISI” Lawal – OIB Skills Instructor

Christine Nguyen – Financial Analyst

Marisol Marure – Housing Services Coordinator

Michael Olson – Clerical Support / I&R Coordinator

Jose Pena – Assistive Technology Coordinator

Michelle Ramos – ILS Instructor for the Blind

Ariel Romero – Interpreting Services Specialist

Bhumit Shah – Personal Assistance Services Coordinator

Tracy Watson – Clerical Support, Interpreting Services Department

David Wrathall – Youth Outreach Coordinator

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